To schedule an appointment -

Please call or text -

(915) 319-5639

Open Sunday - Thursday 8AM - 6PM

All sessions are by APPOINTMENT ONLY

 To schedule a class - please review the following:

1) All classes and coaching sessions must be paid prior to the confirmation of your appointment.

2) For internet classes, it your responsibility to ensure that you have an operating camera and a good internet connection.

3) The Zone SPC is not responsible for any interruption in communication - system or network issues- or any issue with the internet classroom service.

4) Time is precious, so if you schedule an appointment  please show up - and if you cannot show up - have the courtesy to call me to either cancel or reschedule. Cancellations can be made up to 2 hours prior to your appointment time. 

5) You are allowed 1 "reschedule" per weekly appointment. If for any reason you must cancel your appointment - you will be rescheduled for the next available time. Failure to notify The Zone SPC of cancellation, can result in the forfeiture of your payment. We don't want to do that - so please work with us and communicate with us if you are having schedule issues.

6) Impromptu text messages, phone calls, IM's on Facebook, are not acceptable forms of communication between a coach and athlete. At times I will be busy working with another person, and I cannot stop helping them to answer you messages or phone calls. I require at least a phone conversation - however - the online classroom is the best way for us to communicate, share knowledge, advice, videos, and other communication. 

7) All coaching sessions, classes, and meetings are scheduled from Sunday-Thursday - unless prior arrangements have been made with me. Continuously calling or texting my number during my off hours (after 7pm Mountain Time) - or on Fridays and Saturdays  - or constantly calling my number without a pre-scheduled appointment,  could possibly lead to the termination of our coaching/student relationship. In other words, please respect my time, and I will definitely respect yours. 

By registering and paying for your coaching, coaching session, class, or clinic - you are agreeing accepting and expected to abide by these terms.  

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