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David Sapolis 

Sports Performance Coach

My name is David Sapolis and I have been involved with coaching the mental game for over 25 years. I am a pool player that has competed at every level of the game from bar leagues to the professional tour. I have competed all over the world in tournaments, on the road, and in one on one match ups with the greatest players in the world. As a competitor, I have hit all of the same highs and lows that you have in your quest to be the absolute best at your chosen sport. 

In 1987, I hit the peak of my frustration after a particularly difficult loss, I went through the myriad of emotions that ranged  between rage and anger - down to the lows of depression and despair. For months, I relived those brutal mistakes over and over ... replaying the same scene in my head until it controlled every aspect of me and my game. At my lowest point in the midst of my struggles, I found answers. Those answers would completely change my attitude, my outlook upon competition, and eventually my entire life. 

I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Sports Psychology. I specialize in helping athletes of all levels in all sports to overcome their mental blocks. 

I work with clients on issues in all life areas, including work, family, grief, addictions and other personal concerns.

Hypnosis specialties include:

· Smoking cessation and tobacco  dependence

· Body Image/Weight Loss

· Other addictions and habits

· Anxiety, panic, fears, phobias

· Stress  ·   Pain  ·   Insomnia

· PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder –  for veterans)

The Zone Sports Performance Coaching

19010 Bremerton Drive

Horizon City, Texas 79928

(915) 319-5639

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