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9 Ball Knowledge Base
9 Ball - Basic Course
9 Ball Intensive Course
Section 1
Section 1
Welcome to this Course
Video Evaluation Standards
My Promise to You
Playing the Game of 9 Ball
My Influences
Where I Come From
The Break
4 Major Influences
Learning How to Win
The Break
Breaking to Win
Controlling the Cue Ball
Break Mechanics for 9 Ball
Controlling the 1 Ball
Mastering the Break
Cue Ball Control
10 Bad Habits
Myths & Facts
Center of the Table
10 Good Habits
Getting Shape
The Dividing Line
Mental Game
Capturing the Right Attitude
The Art of the Choke
Achieving "Dead Stroke"
Buddy Hall - Heart

Video courtesy of ProPoolVideo

Training Cycles
7 Day Cycle
21 Day Cycle
28 Day Cycle
Playing for Money
Gone Fishin'
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